About us

As the name strongly suggest, Japanese-Whisky.com is an online magazine dedicated to Japanese whisky but also to Japanese culture. The blog is moderated by the creators of the online shop of Japanese whisky and Japan Spirits, Uisuki

We are currently two:

  • Nicolas, 34 year old, whisky fan, Japan amateur and regularly flying around the world because of his job...
  • Frédéric, 34 year old, Japan fan, whisky amateur and constantly connected because of his job...

The purpose of this site is to share our interest in Japanese whisky with regular news, feature article and advice on whisky tasting but also tasting notes / review which are, by definition, subjective as there is not accounting for taste ! By the way, if your sensitivity is different from ours, do not hesitate to give your opinion and share your own tasting notes: the Japanese whisky database is waiting for you!

To conclude, welcome to the blog and "domo arigato gozaimasu" for your interest for Japanese whisky!