Nikka’s 2017 limited editions ; Yoichi and Miyagikyo Moscatel and Rum Wood Finish

Last September, Nikka Whisky unveiled four new limited editions of Yoichi and Miyagikyo's single malts that has been finished in ex-Moscatel and Rum casks.

But this time it was decided to split the production and reserved Moscatel Wood Finish edition to the domestic market in Japan, and Rum Wood Finish to the European and American markets.

The limited edition Moscatel Wood Finish has been released for sale october 3rd in Japan, and only on the archipelago.

The moscatel is a sweet white wine from Portugal, which is similar in France to muscat wines. A few barrels have been acquired by Nikka in order to use them to finish aging of Yoichi and Miyagikyo's single malts for a year.

3500 bottles for each of them were bottled at 46% unchill filtered to keep maximum aromas of the final blend.




Concerning the Rum Wood Finish editions dedicated to the European and American markets, sales will only take place from November.

And as the name suggests, both single malts Yoichi and Miyagikyo were finished during one year in rum casks.

Like the Moscatel Wood Finish, 3,500 bottles for each single malts were bottled at 46% also unchill filtered.



Published by Nicolas

The Friday 06 October 2017 at 23h51


  1. Every time I open this to pour a dram, I get a quick sherry nose, but it disappears at first sip.
    Where is the sherry cask? Yes, it is smooth and elegant, some vanilla, but no sultana finish. Don’t get me wrong, not every 12 yr old needs to be as raisin-y as the Tomatin 12, or Arran 14, but this does not deliver what it promises. Seems more like an American or French Oak that takes up the nose. Not worth the price….the ‘Fine’ oak available only at North American duty-free shops would be the better option

  2. The innovative finishes of these releases sound amazing. And the spirit colour is beautiful!

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