Suntory Hibiki 35 year old Arita and Kutani edition 2016 !

Suntory created the surprise by unveiling two ultra limited edition of Hibiki 35 year old called Arita and Kutani which sale is scheduled for November 29, 2016.


Hibiki, the most famous blended whisky from Japan, in its 35 year old version hasn't been bottled for several years, and due to the shortage of old and very old Japanese whiskies everybody feared to ever see again one day a bottle of this ultra premium whisky.

As well as the previous versions, but also to honor and mark the 400th anniversary of the appearance of porcelain in Japan, Suntory has used the expertise of traditional ceramics producers in Arita and Kutani on the island of Kyushu.

For the occasion, the craftsmen have created a traditional design which incorporates the typical shape of Hibiki blend bottles that combines drawings of peonies flowers, symbol of happiness and wealth, with butterflies which represent longevity.

Bottled unchillfiltered at 47% above volume, Hibiki 35 year old is a real blending jewel containing single malts and grain whiskies aged in different types of barrels such as Sherry, Bourbon and Mizunara casks the rare oak from Japan, whose ages range from 35 to 54 year old for the oldest one !

Only 150 bottles of each edition were produced and will be available just in Japan for a suggested retail price of 700,000 yen (about € 6,500) !


Published by Nicolas

The Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 19h09


  1. Nicholas Louisson

    Where in Japan can I buy a bottle? Can I reserve one?

  2. russel hui

    Where can I buy one in Tokyo? Could I reserve one online or otherwise?

  3. Jimmy

    Where can i buy a bottle in Tokyo?

  4. Fung waiting wing

    I am interested to buy one set of the Arita and Kutani

    • Tran Uy

      Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Fung waiting wing,
      I am a Japanese Whisky collector from Vietnam. Now I am owning this couple of Suntory Hibiki 35 year old Arita and Kutani edition 2016. I can offer you, details please email me via
      Best regards,
      Tran Uy.

  5. Kari

    What’s the price on Arita?

  6. GS

    KM – you still have to offer?

  7. Bernard

    Hey man, anyone know where i can get these two? thx

  8. Lemaire Eric

    Hello, I have one available (colored one with butterfly) available. Contact lemairee[at]

  9. Jerry Franklin Suryawinata

    I have 1 set hibiki 35,if interested you can dm me

  10. Jerry Franklin Suryawinata

    My email

  11. Jerry

    Hello i have stok :
    Yamazaki mizunara 2014
    Yamazaki sherry cask 2016
    Suntory wa-kyo
    Hibiki 35 (1 set = 2 btl)
    Nikka taketsuru 35
    If any interested you can dm to my email
    Or my instagram japanesewhiskyshop


  12. Eli

    I am interested to buy the 35 yrs blue one with butterfly. I am in Australia. Anyone knows how can I buy online? Please let me know. Thanks.

  13. Josch

    I am searching for a Hibiki 30 some one can help me?

  14. L

    Hi, I am looking for them, anyone have them?

  15. mattg

    Anyone still have one of each bottle available? I’m looking for both at the moment and am keen to hear from anyone that can help out with either one of them!

  16. Angela Bucca

    Try they have a reverse auction going apparently

  17. Danielson

    Does anyone want to buy HIBIKI 35?

  18. Danielson

    Hi MATTG, are you still interested on HIBIKI 35?

  19. Sham Kumar

    Hi. I’m interested to buy the set of 2. Anyone with offers?

  20. Kirstie

    I currently have both decanter’s with purchase receipts and alll certification..

  21. Leo

    Hello Kirstie, I might be interestred in both decanters.
    My email – leosurovec at thx

  22. The packaging is beautiful. Even when you finish the whisky, the stunning bottle will still add value as a master piece.

  23. I have both hibiki Arita and kutani decanters with receipts and certificates. Please feel free to contact me however they can only be sold as a set.

  24. My address terryd4394 atgmail dotty commy

  25. David

    Good Afternoon Terry
    How much were you looking to sell both bottles for?

  26. Cash Lim

    I have a set too, Anyone interested, can email me for photos and price. Thanks.

  27. Jay

    CASH…..Please send me pici and price too

  28. Rommel

    Anyone could offer these Hibiki 35 Years please contact us, we pay in cash!

  29. Ash


    I m interested in buying Hibiki 35 set of 2 Arita snd Kutano. Also i can buy either of dont have a set.

    • Tran Uy

      Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Ash,
      I am a Vietnamese Japanese Whisky collector. Now I am owning this couple of Suntory Hibiki 35 year old Arita and Kutani edition 2016. I can offer you, for more details please email me via
      Best regards,
      Tran Uy.

  30. Ash

    I m interested in buying Hibiki 35 set of 2 Arita and Kutani. Also i can buy either if u dont have a set. U can contact me by email:

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