Contest : 4 goodies Ichiro’s Malt / Chichibu to win !

We invite you to participate in a contest organized by and the online shop dedicated to japanese whisky and spirits of Japan, with a pack of 4 Ichiro's Malt goodies to win !

In june we had the chance to visit the Chichibu distillery in Japan, and we thought about you bringing 4 small goodies to win.

The pack is composed of :

  • a pin's Ichiro's Malt
  • an Ichiro's Malt small cask to hang to your mobile phone or your keychain
  • a cork wood magnet Ichiro's Malt to put on your fridge
  • a wood bottle support with Ichiro's Malt pyrographed

The contest will end friday, july 25 at 8pm, one hour later the winner will be chosen by lottery among the participants. The lucky winner will be notified by private message on saturday, july 26 during the day.

To participate :

  1. Leave a comment on this page by answering the question: "Have you ever tasted a Chichibu's whisky ?"
  2. Share this page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  3. Like et facebook pages

Good luck everyone !


Published by Nicolas

The Friday 11 July 2014 at 18h24


  1. Wong Tin Hung

    No, but I would love to.

  2. Tonny Francken

    In 2013 i was very happy i had the opportunity to taste “The First” in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)……marvelous (young) whisky. I have just got a few bottles of whisky at home……..among them “The First” and “On the way”. I think i wll be a big fan of the whisky coming from the Chichibu Distillery. A good job performed by a small distillery and a few amount of people. Unfortunately i am living at the “wrong” site of the world, so it is hard to find whisky coming from the distillery and/or made by Mr. Ichiro. Still i hope to discover more whisky coming from the distillery………..i will wait….

  3. Verhoeven Mark

    I tasted two Chichibu’s. The First & Port Pipe. Very good Whisky considering the age and extremly hopeful for the near future. Looking forward too…
    In collection: Ichiro’s Malt 8 of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, 10 of Clubs and Ichiro’s Choice: Kawasaki ’76

  4. I have never once been privileged to try Chichibu’s whisky.
    However, upon reading the various descriptions of Chichibu’s whiskeys I would love to savor one. I hope one day to have that opportunity, as whiskeys are a pleasant weakness of mine.

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