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The website is accessible since a few days and you're already fifty daily visitors, yet it’s only today that is officially launched !

The purpose of this online magazine is to help you discover Japanese whisky through its best products, announcements, awards and events, but also through a database that already includes more than 260 whiskies and will be continuously expanded.

If you already know Japanese whisky and share our passion for this product, this site will allow you to post your comments and tastings but also keep you informed of the latest market news.

There are many things to say about Japanese whisky, so we will regularly update the site with news, advices and useful information, tasting notes, but also a description of each Japanese whisky distillery or visuals for the numerous database’s entries that are currently without picture.

Finally, our interest in Japanese whisky is born through our passion for Japan, so we will try to publish articles about Japanese culture and Japan in general.

So welcome to and do not hesitate to join us on Facebook or Twitter, but also, do not hesitate to contribute to the content by commenting our articles and whisky database’s entries! This website is also yours or at least, we’ve created it with this in mind!

Published by Frédéric & Nicolas

The Wednesday 20 March 2013 at 11h27

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