Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony new advertising video!

A few days ago, Suntory unveiled an advertising video to promote its brand new whisky Hibiki Japanese Harmony. For the occasion, some of the codes of its previous famous old fashion ad videos such as a western celebrity were used, but also a wink to the movie "Lost in Translation" in which Hibiki 17 year old was subtly presented.

Available in Japan since March 2015 (more information here), the latest Suntory whisky released is presented in a video evoking Sofia Coppola's movie "Lost in translation" in which an aging american actor performed by Bill Murray, is going to Japan to shoot an ad for Hibiki 17 year old.

Indeed, the video reminds one of the movie scenes which takes place in the New York Bar, one of the most exclusive bars in Tokyo located on the roof top of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku, where the character played by Bill Murray tries to find sleep with drinking a glass of Hibiki.

Over the years in its advertising videos for its whisky, Suntory has appealed to many foreign actors such as Sean Connery, Sammy Davis Junior, Keanu Reeves or Mickey Rourke.

This time, a British actor was chosen to give the reply to the Japanese actor Hiroki HasegawaMartin Freeman, known among other things for his role in "The Hobbit" movie or the interpretation of Dr. Watson in the "Sherlock" TV show.

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The Monday 20 April 2015 at 20h47

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