New Chichibu “On the Way” tasting

Today japanese whisky is no longer exclusively represented by Suntory and Nikka. Proof is there with the tasting of the new Ichiro's Malt single malt ; Chichibu "On the Way". And good news is already available in Europe !

Chichibu is a small distillery founded in 2007 by Ichiro Akuto and located in the Saitama region at the foot of a mountain range. The local climate with harsh winters and hot summers lead to accelerate aging that gives Chichibu's whiskies a surprisingly complexity and a surprising maturity.

Other things to take into account, the Ichiro Akuto's expertise inherited from his grandfather founder the Hanyu distillery (now closed), determination and above all his passion for whisky. His dream is to one day enjoy a 30 year old Chichibu single malt Chichibu. He's on the way to realize his project with the first step ; producing a 5 year old single malt.

Blend of single malts aged in bourbon casks and one of the first whisky distilled in 2008 in Chichibu aged in japanese oak cask ; the mizunara cask #2.

The "On the Way" so aptly named, provides good things for the Chichibu's whiskies future. Indeed, Ichiro Akuto with its brand Ichiro 's Malt will be the third player in the japanese whisky market in the years to come.

Meanwhile, we invite you to discover our tasting experience of this new japanese single malt.

Kanpaï !

Chichibu "On the Way" is available on Uisuki.

More informations about Chichibu "On the way".

Review by Nicolas

Lovely golden color.
Opening the bottle, the first aromas to emerge are very sweet with a predominance of nutella. But once in a glass, Chichibu "On the Way" opens and reveals aromas of cereals, apple pie, rhubarb and a slight hint of mint.
Powerful by its high alcohol content, it is paradoxically quite soft and the texture is creamy. He surprised by the depth of its aromatic palette and it's still marked by aromas of cereals, apple pie and rhubarb, but also some bitter orange and dried apricot notes.
Very nice and sweet, it leaves in the mouth flavors of grain, and woody notes.
Excellent single malt, well structured and very surprising complexity and maturity despite his young age. Chichibu distillery wins in quality every years.

Published by Nicolas

The Tuesday 13 May 2014 at 21h34

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