Tasting of the White Oak Tokinoka

Japanese whisky is not only Suntory or Nikka, there are many other less known distilleries whose reputation continues to grow. And for this new tasting, we chose a blended malt (a blend of several single malt), the White Oak Tokinoka blended malt.

The White Oak distillery, located in the city of Akashi (Hyogo Prefecture), was the first to obtain a license for distilling whisky in 1919. Built in 1888 for the production of sake and shochu, at the beginning the distillery produced only blend whisky in a traditional way and especially reserved for the domestic market. Then the site was modified in 1984 to start producing whisky in bigger quantities. The Eigashima Shuzo Company owner of the distillery, produced since 2007 several single malt named Akashi.

And it's a mixture of these different Akashi single malt that we will discover in this Tokinoka which means "fragrance of time" in japanese. It is therefore not an old blended malt but an entry level one bottled at 40% in a little White Oak whiskies typical bottle form of 50 cl.

Now let's start the tasting !

Review by Nicolas

Beautiful amber color.
The nose is very fruity with apricots and dried fruits and a shy note of honey.
For an entry-level whisky I'm seduced by its slightly oily texture which gives it body and overcomes its lack of complexity.
On the palate flavors of dried fruit and apricot are still present and confirm the nose. Thanks to its low alcoholic level of 40%, it can be very nice for people who don't usually enjoy whisky.
A short and smooth final with the honey notes back again.
The Tokinoka is very good whisky for beginners, or even for cooking. I still regret the linearity of this whisky made with Akashi single malt for basic ingredients that should offer more complexity in flavors.
Nevertheless, it's an ideal gift to discover japanese whisky without breaking the bank.

Published by Nicolas

The Friday 03 May 2013 at 13h09

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