Nikka Whisky named “Distiller of the year” at the ISC 2015 Trophies !

With no less than 13 medals including 8 golden collected during the International Spirits Challenge 2015, Nikka Whisky also won the supreme title of "Distiller of the Year" at the ISC 2015 dinner trophies which took place in London on July 8th.

The International Spirits Challenge is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world that takes place every year for 20 years and takes place in two phases ; a tasting contest with awarding medals, and a few weeks later a trophies ceremony dinner with the coveted title of "Distiller of the Year".

And once again this title was won by a Japanese whisky producer !

Having already won several gold medals in the tasting competition (Results of ISC 2015), this year Nikka Whisky is also rewarded during the special Trophy evening for its entire range and know-how in production whisky.

The title of "Distiller of the Year" well deserved by Nikka Whisky, will continue the international recognition of Japanese whisky, and keep the increase in global demand.


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The Monday 13 July 2015 at 12h34

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